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Drunk Driving Accidents

Drunk driving accidents can cause severe injuries to drivers, pedestrians, and other victims. Because drunk driving accidents are due to unsafe behavior by the drunk drive, the state allows innocent injured victims to claim punitive damages in addition to actual damages. If you were injured in a drunk driving accident, talk to a personal injury lawyer at Jacobs & Jacobs.

How Jacobs & Jacobs Handles Drunk Driving Cases

When we represent a drunk driving accident victim, we pursue all available options to obtain compensation for our client. Drunk driving accidents can be devastating when they cause wrongful death or catastrophic injuries.

  • Assessing the criminal case: Our law firm will move quickly to get the police records in the criminal case. We will also follow the criminal case, gathering evidence for the civil case.
  • Filing a lawsuit: In the civil case, we will identify all responsible parties when we file a lawsuit for the victim, which could include the drunk driver, the car's owner and insurance company, a dram shop that supplied excessive alcohol to the driver, and possibly a homeowner who supplied alcohol to minors who then drove drunk.
  • Representing the victim: Our DUI personal injury lawyers will work towards a settlement that gives you the compensation you deserve. If a settlement is not possible, we will represent you in court.

Because of the nature of drunk driving (the driver chose to drink and then put others at risk by driving), the state allows double or treble damages in drunk driving accident lawsuits.

Please call 203-777-2300 or email our law firm to talk about your or a loved one's injuries or wrongful death in a drunk driving accident. We will fight for the results you deserve.

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