Case Results

Ceci v. National Indemnity Company Motor Vehicle Accident

Our client sustained serious injuries to multiple body parts resulting in substantial permanent partial impairment, as a result of being run over by an underinsured motorist. The case went to arbitration only after the Connecticut Supreme Court reversed a decision of the Connecticut Appellate Court affirming the trial court’s judgment as a matter of law in favor of the defendant, National Indemnity.

Preble v. Norma T. Motorcycle/Auto Accident

A woman turned left in front of our client, who was driving a motorcycle. The defense claimed excessive speed. Our client sustained injuries to the right ankle, left wrist, and left knee.

Viviane M. v. B. Johnson Auto/Pedestrian Accident

Our client was a pedestrian who was struck by a car at a busy intersection at night. The driver of the car claimed that she was proceeding through the intersection with a green light when she felt a bump. That “bump” was her car striking our client, who was crossing the street. She suffered serious leg fractures requiring surgery and a serious head injury, including a skull fracture. Due to the head injuries, she had no recollection of whether she had a walk signal. We located witnesses who were able to testify that our client was clearly visible as she began to cross the street and that the impact occurred in the right lane, despite the driver’s claim that it occurred in the left lane.

Dennis R. v. Dr. L Medical Malpractice

Our client, Dennis, went to the ophthalmologist, who administered a steroid injection in Dennis’s left eye. The procedure resulted in a torn retina that later detached, causing permanent visual damage. The defense contended that the retinal damage is a known risk of the procedure, which our client had undergone on prior occasions. However, our expert felt that the defendant’s doctor was too quick to choose to do the injection and should have given the less risky treatment (drops) more time to see if the problem resolved.

Auto Accident Passenger Injury

Our client, a passenger in a van, was injured when a drunk driver being pursued by a police officer at high speed crashed into the van at an intersection, resulting in serious injuries to our client. The drunk driver was not insured. After collecting $100,000 from our client’s uninsured motorist insurance, we brought suit against the police officer and the town for negligence in engaging in the high-speed pursuit. The defense claimed governmental immunity for the discretionary decision to engage in the chase. The case settled shortly before trial for an additional $350,000 against the town.