Case Results

A.C. v. Hospital Medical Malpractice

This medical malpractice claim resulted when a man who was recuperating from an illness in the hospital was given the wrong medication. The mistake caused him to suffer a significant brain injury, necessitating expensive, lifelong one-on-one care. While the hospital admitted liability, they disagreed about the future expenses and resisted paying the amount needed. Using expert life care planners, Bruce Jacobs fought to get the victim the resources he would need to get the best possible care.

Jury Verdict
Mather v. Griffin Hospital Medical Malpractice Severe Brain Damage

Jacobs & Jacobs obtained a record verdict in the case of a boy who sustained severe brain damage at birth due to the negligence of the hospital and its personnel. During the trial, an offer of $2 million was rejected. The hospital appealed the verdict, and the Connecticut Supreme Court upheld the verdict. With post-judgment interest, the hospital’s insurance company paid out over $10.5 million.

As a result of this verdict, the parents were able to afford around-the-clock care for their son, as well as the intensive therapy that he will need for the rest of his life. The boy can live at home and travel with his family.

Jury Verdict
A.K. v. Obstetricians Medical Malpractice Severe Brain Damage

A baby girl suffered brain damage as the result of her doctor failing to perform a timely Caesarian section. The parents rejected an offer of $750,000. Jacobs & Jacobs retained one of the top experts in the field of labor and delivery to testify as to the negligence of the doctors.

Jury Verdict
R.A. v. Wendy’s International Premises Liability

A woman was standing in line at a Wendy’s restaurant when a sign fell and struck her on her head. Shortly after the incident, she began having seizures. She hired Jacobs & Jacobs. Our investigation uncovered the fact that the sign in question had fallen several times before the incident when it struck our client. Each time, Wendy’s employees failed to properly secure the sign.

Jury Verdict
Garrison v. Nationwide Insurance Co. Underinsured Motorist Passenger in Auto Accident

The plaintiff, a 38-year-old truck driver and diesel mechanic, was a passenger in a car that went out of control, striking a stone wall. He suffered serious injuries, including a badly crushed foot, requiring surgical reconstruction. The driver of the car carried only $25,000 in liability insurance. As a result, the plaintiff made a claim under his own insurance policy, which provided coverage for injuries caused by someone who was underinsured. Nationwide offered $225,000 to settle the case. Jacobs & Jacobs called upon a vocational expert to demonstrate the effect this injury had on the plaintiff’s ability to earn a living.