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Motorcycle Accident Claims vs. Car Accident Claims

Many motorcycle owners check the weather reports in the morning and weigh the decision of taking their car to work, school, or a local destination, or hopping on their motorcycle for a more exhilarating ride. A ride in the open air can turn a dull daily commute into something that feels weekend-worthy and also saves gas costs—but that’s not where the differences end.

September 13 2023 | Personal Injury

Most Common Medical Malpractice Claims

We trust our medical professionals to prioritize our health and safety when we turn to them for treatment for illnesses, accidents, and medical emergencies, but medical malpractice claims have risen steadily since the 1960s, and now, studies show that 21% of Americans have experienced a medical error. While many have only minor impacts, some medical mistakes cause severe injury, worsened medical conditions, and even death.

August 23 2023 | Personal Injury

What Does Duty of Care Mean?

Most personal injury cases in Connecticut are founded on the legal doctrine of negligence. Someone is negligent if he or she owed a duty of care to someone else, breached this duty of care and injured the victim. Understanding duty of care is fundamental to bringing a personal injury claim, as violating this duty can give an injured accident victim the right to file a claim for financial compensation. 

July 27 2023 | Personal Injury

A Guide to Construction Site Safety Regulations

Construction is the most dangerous job in the country. In an effort to protect construction workers and prevent life-threatening workplace injuries, the federal government has enacted hundreds of construction site safety regulations. A violation of these rules by an employer or coworker could entitle the injured worker to financial compensation through a personal injury lawsuit.

July 10 2023 | Personal Injury

How Do You Categorize a Catastrophic Accident or Injury?

In personal injury law, a catastrophic injury is one that will impact the victim for the foreseeable future or the rest of his or her life. The damages, or financial compensation, that may be paid out to a victim of a catastrophic accident in Connecticut may be different than in a noncatastrophic injury case.

June 27 2023 | Personal Injury

What Kinds of Personal Injury Cases Do We Handle?

Personal injury law is designed to protect people who are harmed by someone else’s carelessness or wrongdoing. An injured victim may qualify for compensation after many different types of incidents. If you get injured in Connecticut, you may have grounds to bring a personal injury claim against one or more parties in pursuit of financial compensation.

June 13 2023 | Personal Injury

What Is the Timeline for Personal Injury Cases in Connecticut?

If you suffer a serious injury in an accident in Connecticut and are seeking compensation through a personal injury case, it is normal to want the legal process to be over as soon as possible so that you can move on with your life. Knowing what to expect from the claims process can give you greater peace of mind during this difficult time.

May 30 2023 | Wrongful Death

How Is Wrongful Death Determined in Connecticut?

Wrongful death is the worst thing that a family can go through in Connecticut. While it by no means makes up for a preventable death in the family, filing a wrongful death claim can provide some measure of justice to grieving survivors. A lawsuit can hold a wrongdoer accountable and provide financial compensation to help the family move forward.

May 12 2023 | Personal Injury

How You Can Prevent a Dog Bite Injury

Dog attacks can be violent and severely damaging, both physically and emotionally. It is always better to prevent a serious dog bite injury than to try to recover from one. Knowing what to do when faced with a potentially vicious or aggressive dog in your neighborhood could save your life. Our New Haven personal injury attorneys have experience handling a variety of dog bite claims, and sometimes they can be avoidable. 

April 26 2023 | Insurance Bad Faith

What to Do When an Insurance Company Denies a Valid Claim

If you get injured in an event such as a car accident, you may assume you will receive a fair payment to cover your medical costs and property damage – especially if you were not at fault or have never missed a payment on your insurance policy. Unfortunately, insurance companies do not always act in good faith.

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