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Brain Injuries

Sometimes, a brain injury is obvious. The victim may have a fractured skull or a severe coma and never be the same. At other times, the injury is subtle, such as a closed head injury that is difficult to diagnose. At Jacobs & Jacobs in New Haven, Connecticut, we have helped clients and their families recover compensation for brain injuries of all types.

How Jacobs & Jacobs Handles Brain Injury Cases

A brain injury can occur in many different ways. A baby may be deprived of oxygen at birth or a surgical patient may suffer from an anesthesia error. A passenger in a car accident may not be directly hit, but could suffer brain injury from a violently shaken head. A brain injury requires extensive, long-term care. The lawyers at Jacobs & Jacobs investigate the circumstances of the brain injury including:

  • The causes of the brain injury. Some brain injuries are caused by motor vehicle accidents, others by medical malpractice.We will determine who is responsible for the injury.
  • We also investigate the extent of the brain injury. Too often, a brain injury is not immediately diagnosed. A doctor or patient may not notice the signs of a brain injury. Memory loss, difficulty in functioning, and a loss in IQ can signal a problem. An MRI can sometimes reveal the white spots that indicate brain injury. A brain stem injury can be extremely serious and result in loss of physical functions.
  • When appropriate we will retain the services of a neuropsychologist who can identify brain injuries and help victims adapt to the problems caused by a brain injury.

If you or a loved one has suffered a brain injury, please call Jacobs & Jacobs at 203-777-2300 to arrange for a free consultation. We fight for the results you deserve.

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