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Animal Attacks and Dog Bites

Most animal attacks are dog bites. Connecticut has strict liability dog bite laws. The dog's owner or keeper is responsible for any damage or injury caused by the dog, even if it is the first time the animal attacks or bites. Dog bite injuries can be severe and cause nerve injuries, scarring, and emotional trauma. The most significant injuries often happen to vulnerable individuals, such as small children and elderly individuals who are unable to protect themselves. For young children, the attack can result in long-term emotional trauma.

The attorneys at Jacobs & Jacobs are experienced in handling cases of dog bite injuries. Contact us at 203-777-2300 to discuss your situation.

How Jacobs & Jacobs Handles Animal Attack and Dog Bite Cases

At Jacobs & Jacobs, we work to provide people injured from a dog bite with the compensation they need to cover costly medical bills and make the fullest recovery possible. Many times, the dog at fault belongs to a family member or friend. People may be hesitant to file a claim against that person. The damages they are filing for, however, are often necessary for the victim to make a full recovery. This liability is almost always covered by the homeowner’s insurance policy of the dog owner. Our attorneys deal with the insurance company on your behalf.

Medical care for animal attack and dog bite injuries includes:

  • Treatment for infections
  • Medical care for nerve damage
  • Treatment for deep cuts and lacerations
  • Treatment for scarring, including plastic surgery

Therapy and psychological treatment are often needed for victims, and for children in particular, given the traumatic nature of the event. We will ensure that you are awarded sufficient damages for recovery from a dog bite attack. If you, your loved one, or your child has been attacked by a dog or other pet, please call Jacobs & Jacobs today at 203-777-2300 for a consultation.

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