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What our clients are saying:

“Today I have a renewed respect for the American judicial system. Through the integrity and moral fiber of two amazing attorneys, I have great faith that there are honest and moral lawyers who work very hard to keep the judicial system something to respect. Thank you, Richard and Steve Jacobs, for your true concern and caring for my son. Dick, you will never know the gratitude I have as a mother for your help in getting my son a doctor when he had no insurance. Also, as a mother, I have to give you and your wife a tremendous amount of praise for raising a son who has such high moral values; your son, Steve, is a wonderful, honest man with high integrity. He is a true reflection of all that you both are. The greatest blessing of today's verdict was knowing that my son was in the counsel of two wonderful men who cared about him more than the win. We knew we had won even if we had lost. Steve, you have been such a blessing to my son. Your talents as a lawyer are amazing but the real win and blessings are knowing such a honest and caring human being. Thank you to all the staff both in your office and the court, who showed us that we do live in a country where justice is possible. God bless each of you for all you do. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!”

—Laureen Lacombe Warner, client

“I just wanted to let you know how very much I appreciate everything that you did for me, not only with the case, but emotionally also. Over the past several years I had become so despondent. You treated me with kindness and caring, referring me to Dr. P. who has helped me tremendously and I will continue to see. I also wanted to thank you for referring me to Fay S. to help me with my finances. She has done an amazing job and I feel my money is in excellent hands. She wants me to have a comfortable retirement. You took me from a very dark place and I am now enjoying my life again. I look forward to each day! Thank you again.”

—R.B., client

"My name is Kevin Ryder, and I have perhaps a little more insight than most people would into the professionalism of the law firm of Jacobs & Jacobs and the frim's attitude about the well being of its clients. In 1980, I was severely injured in a work-related accident. During my recovery, the firm encouraged me to leave all the legal concerns to them and to keep my focus on getting my life and health back together. They worked with my employer and medical professionals to be sure that I got the best help available so I could get back into the working world. In 1985, my case settled following a hearing in damages. Now 35 years after the settlement, there has never been one day that I regretted taking the firm's advice and accepting the settlement. When the time was right, the lawyers at Jacobs & Jacobs encouraged me to go to college at night and later to apply to law school. After law school, I worked for a few local firms, and then Bruce Jacobs offered me an associates' position with Jacobs & Jacobs. From personally experiencing the firm's professional care as a client, I was now on the other side of the desk as an attorney with the firm. Either as a client or an attorney (I retired 4 years ago), I would not hesitate to recommend the law firm of Jacobs & Jacobs to anyone injured from medical malpractice or personal injury.”

—Kevin Ryder, client and retired associate

"Thank you for your professionalism in representing my client and his family as they sought compensation for injuries sustained as a result of medical service provided to him in a negligent manner. Not only did you provide highly competent representation to my client, but you also attended to the needs of his family. You recognized that there is much more to representation than the nuts and bolts of a lawsuit. Although the court proceedings have come to an end, your continued availability to my client and his family is much appreciated. As a result of your work my client and his family received compensation sufficient to meet their needs for the foreseeable future. The client and his family recognize that the physical harm suffered by my client cannot be reversed, but knowing that the financial effects of the suffered injury will be met provides relief to all concerned.”

—Geoffrey A. Hecht, partner, Caplan & Hecht, Attorneys & Counselors-at-Law

“I was involved in a car accident when a woman made a left turn and smashed into my vehicle. Steven Jacobs came highly recommended to me from various friends and co-workers. I couldn’t be happier with my choice. He did so much more for me than I ever expected. I had contact people at the firm that always answered emails and calls. I was made aware of what was going on every step of the way. In the end, what they did for me changed my life. My deepest thanks to my Jacobs & Jacobs family.”

—Boris L., client

“Jacobs & Jacobs helped us get a great settlement for a product liability case involving a defective walker. My husband’s fall set off other health problems for him, and our attorney, Bruce Jacobs, convinced the manufacturer’s insurance company that it was responsible. Bruce really cared about us as people, and showed wonderful empathy all through the process. We were delighted that Jacobs & Jacobs was able to get the settlement that they did for our case.”

—Ruth Raphel, client

“Thank you very much for the excellent work you did on my mother's case. I am very pleased with the results and would not make a higher recommendation for any attorney. As an attorney myself of over fifteen years' standing, I know quality lawyering when I see it, and I have always found it in your firm. Once again, I appreciate everything you have done for us.”

—Robert Ross, Esq.

“I met Bruce Jacobs and the members of the Jacobs & Jacobs law firm at a time I decided I needed a friend—and specifically a friend in the legal profession. My sister had been severely injured in a car crash and would succumb to those injuries. I was living in her house, knew the situation was not good, and had many things to deal with. I retained Bruce upon meeting him and knew immediately that somebody was on my side, and more importantly, my sister’s side. Bruce worked on behalf of myself and my brother for two years to find some justice. He cautiously, kindly, and fairly helped me work through the civil suit process. I think the world of Bruce and of Jacobs & Jacobs and hope you will consider them if you are in a situation like I was.”

—Sandy Bumpus, client

“I am writing to express my sincere gratitude to attorney Allison Jacobs for representing me and doing an exemplary job. In this complicated and sensitive matter, Ms. Jacobs could not have been kinder to me, nor more effective in court. We had a tremendously successful outcome which would not have been possible without her excellent preparation and hard work. I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone.”

—Agnes B. DeNello, client