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Construction Accidents

A construction site can be a dangerous place to work. Every day, workers risk the possibility of a serious worksite injury from falling objects, collapsing scaffolding, or malfunctioning equipment. If you or a loved one has suffered a construction accident injury, you may be entitled to additional compensation beyond workers' compensation benefits. It is important that you immediately seek legal advice regarding your options for pursuing full and fair compensation.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a construction accident, call a personal injury attorney at Jacobs & Jacobs at 203-777-2300. We understand the injuries that are often sustained in construction accidents and how to ensure that you are provided what you need to make the fullest recovery possible and cover lost wages. We recently settled a case for one million dollars for a client who was injured as the result of a scaffolding collapse.

How Jacobs & Jacobs Handles Construction Accident Cases

While a construction accident will be primarily covered by workers' compensation, there may be legal action to take against negligent parties other than your employer. This can include a contractor or subcontractor, equipment manufacturer, distributor, or other vendor.

Our firm carefully investigates each construction accident claim to determine who is ultimately responsible for what has occurred. Our primary objective is to achieve full and fair compensation for construction accident injuries, including:

Our attorneys have the medical understanding needed to assess the injury and ensure that you are provided the treatment and compensation you need to make the fullest recovery possible. Included in that compensation is money to cover lost wages while you were hurt and out of work. Contact us online or call 203-777-2300 if you have questions about a construction accident.