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What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Car Accident Attorney?

October 19 2021 | Car Accidents

Being injured in a car accident is overwhelming for a victim. Although a lawsuit might be the last thing on your mind in the immediate aftermath of a car crash, it is important to consider your legal options sooner rather than later. Hiring a car accident attorney in New Haven, Connecticut is the easiest way to understand your legal options and pursue a claim. Your attorney can fight to achieve your goals while you focus on healing.

Legal Advice and Guidance

 One of the first benefits you will get from hiring a car accident attorney is having an advocate by your side that you can trust. You can receive answers to your legal questions – often at no cost during a free initial case consultation – and sound legal advice. Your attorney can tell you what to say and what not to say to a car insurance company, for example, and explain how Connecticut’s car accident laws work.

You can trust the advice that you receive from an attorney is honest, reliable and protects your best interests, as an attorney has a legal obligation to advocate for you. You and your lawyer will share the same goals for your case – to optimize its outcome. An attorney can also help you recover from your car accident, such as by connecting you to the best doctors in Connecticut and helping you understand the process of having your vehicle repaired or replaced.

Comprehensive Car Accident Investigation

Next, the law firm that you hire can send investigators and crash reconstruction experts back to the scene of your car accident to determine how it was caused. A comprehensive investigation of the collision can piece together which driver wasn’t where they were supposed to be at the time of the crash. This can allow you to identify the defendant(s) and bring a claim against that person’s insurance provider.

Evidence Collection and Presentation

During the investigation of your car accident, your attorney can find, preserve and collect evidence to support your injury claim. As the injured party, or plaintiff, it is your responsibility to prove what you are claiming is more likely to be true than not true based on clear and convincing evidence. A car accident lawyer can help you meet this burden of proof by gathering evidence of fault and presenting your case in a convincing way to a judge or jury. Attorneys are compelling storytellers who can fight for your desired outcome using proven legal strategies.

Qualified Subject-Matter Experts 

Many car accident lawsuits in Connecticut require testimony or signed statements from experts. Expert testimony can be necessary to explain or prove a concept that is beyond an ordinary level of knowledge, such as the mechanics of a car accident or injury. A car accident lawyer will have connections to qualified experts who can testify on your behalf, such as doctors, accident reconstructionists, traffic experts and more. This can improve your chances of winning your case.

Higher Settlement Offers

Overall, the services provided by your car accident attorney will maximize the chances of obtaining the amount of financial compensation that you deserve for your serious car accident. While an auto insurance company will do its best to minimize your payout, your attorney will fight back and demand maximum compensation. An attorney can increase the value of your settlement with tools such as:

  • An accurate evaluation of your case’s value
  • Proof of your injuries and losses
  • Professional negotiation techniques
  • Advice on what not to say to an insurance claims adjuster
  • Recognition of bad-faith practices
  • The ability to go to trial, if necessary

A lawyer can help you obtain a higher settlement offer for your car accident claim by keeping you from settling too early. Rather than rushing into a fast settlement to end your claim, your lawyer will submit a counteroffer and negotiate back and forth with a claims adjuster until achieving an amount that is fair for your injuries. If the insurance company refuses to offer a reasonable settlement, your New Haven personal injury lawyer can go to court on your behalf instead.

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