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April 8 2023 | Disability Claims

A Guide to Disability Claims

If an accident in Connecticut leaves you with a permanent disability, financial assistance is often available through one or more insurance programs. You may qualify for benefits through the Social Security Disability Insurance system, for example, or a personal injury claim payout. Below are answers to frequently asked questions to get an idea of what to expect from the disability claims process.

March 31 2023 | Motorcycle Accidents

Sharing the Road With Motorcyclists: Safety Tips

 Every year, thousands of motorcyclists sustain serious and life-changing injuries in car and traffic accidents. Statistically, motorcyclists are about 28 times more likely to die in motor vehicle accidents than vehicle passengers. Part of being a responsible driver is using safe driving techniques when sharing the road with these vulnerable road users.

March 14 2023 | Car Accidents

Intersections Are the Most Dangerous Parts of the Road: Here’s Why

By definition, intersections are locations where two different types of traffic intersect. This makes them highly dangerous areas for drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians. If a negligent driver ignores a stop sign or fails to yield the right-of-way at an intersection, it can result in a deadly motor vehicle collision. Take extra care at intersections in Connecticut to protect yourself and others.

February 28 2023 | Truck Accidents

Tips for Safe Driving Around Semi Trucks

All drivers must carefully follow traffic laws and adhere to road rules that help keep them and others safe. But when on the road with large commercial trucks, it pays to practice extra caution. Semi-trucks pose a particular danger to other vehicles on the road for a number of reasons beyond their immense size and weight, which dwarfs common family vehicles on the roadways, giving other vehicles a distinct disadvantage in an accident.

February 7 2023 | Pedestrian Accidents

How Does Jaywalking Play Into Pedestrian Accident Liability?

In at-fault insurance states like Connecticut, it matters who is at fault in an accident, including pedestrian accidents. The person who causes an accident to occur is the one who must pay for the injured party’s damages, typically through their insurance policy. While Connecticut law stipulates that drivers have the responsibility to protect pedestrians by slowing down, stopping, and taking other means to avoid a collision with a vulnerable pedestrian, it also views jaywalking as a violation of the state’s traffic and pedestrian laws.

January 24 2023 | Workers' Compensation

Everything You Need to Know About Workers’ Compensation

An accident can happen at work when you least expect it, potentially causing serious injuries that interfere with your ability to do your job and require expensive medical care. In this scenario, Connecticut’s workers’ compensation system may provide financial reimbursement for your losses.

How Does the Workers’ Compensation System Work?

The State of Connecticut Workers’ Compensation Program was established by the Workers’ Compensation Act, located in Chapter 568 of the General Statutes of Connecticut.

January 19 2023 | Personal Injury

Study: Walking in Connecticut – The Most Dangerous Zones for Pedestrians

Walking as a means of transportation can be a great way to get around. It can save you money and time, and allow you to sneak some exercise into your day. Yet, it can also be dangerous. Across the United States, pedestrian fatalities are increasing faster than any other traffic-related fatality.

January 4 2023 | Workers' Compensation

What Is Considered an Unsafe Work Environment?

When you clock in at work, the last thing you anticipate is getting seriously injured. Unfortunately, thousands of workplaces in Connecticut do not offer safe work environments for employees. If you get injured because of an unsafe work environment, learn your rights in terms of seeking financial compensation and holding someone accountable.

December 20 2022 | Personal Injury

What Are the Most Common Medical Malpractice Cases?

Medical malpractice occurs when a health care practitioner falls short of the correct standards of patient care. When a patient is injured due to subpar care, he or she has the right to file a medical malpractice claim in Connecticut in pursuit of financial compensation. Identifying the most common types of medical malpractice cases could allow you to determine whether you have a lawsuit.

December 3 2022 | Motorcycle Accidents

How Motorcyclists Can Stay Safe in Winter Weather

Each year, Connecticut sees intense winter weather, including snowstorms, black ice and hail. Navigating cold, snowy winters as a motorcyclist requires special care and adequate preparation. Winter weather makes motorcycling more hazardous, with wet roads and more limited visibility. Stay safe in Connecticut’s winter weather with these motorcycling tips.

Don’t Neglect Motorcycle Maintenance

Make sure your motorcycle has what it takes to get you to your destination by engaging in proper bike maintenance.

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