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Posted By siteAdmin | February 28 2023 | Truck Accidents

Tips for Safe Driving Around Semi Trucks

All drivers must carefully follow traffic laws and adhere to road rules that help keep them and others safe. But when on the road with large commercial trucks, it pays to practice extra caution. Semi-trucks pose a particular danger to other vehicles on the road for a number of reasons beyond their immense size and weight, which dwarfs common family vehicles on the roadways, giving other vehicles a distinct disadvantage in an accident.

Posted By siteAdmin | February 7 2023 | Pedestrian Accidents

How Does Jaywalking Play Into Pedestrian Accident Liability?

In at-fault insurance states like Connecticut, it matters who is at fault in an accident, including pedestrian accidents. The person who causes an accident to occur is the one who must pay for the injured party’s damages, typically through their insurance policy. While Connecticut law stipulates that drivers have the responsibility to protect pedestrians by slowing down, stopping, and taking other means to avoid a collision with a vulnerable pedestrian, it also views jaywalking as a violation of the state’s traffic and pedestrian laws.

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