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Posted By siteAdmin | November 20 2023 | Car Accidents

Are There More Car Accidents in the Winter?

Every year, thousands of people end up in emergency rooms with serious injuries from automobile accidents. Connecticut drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians are put in danger due to hazards such as distracted and careless drivers. In wintertime, however, the roads can become even more dangerous due to adverse weather conditions.

Summer Is the Deadliest Time of Year for Drivers 

Contrary to popular belief, statistics show that there are fewer fatal car accidents in the wintertime than in summer in the U.S.

Posted By siteAdmin | November 6 2023 | Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Safety in the Winter Months: What to Know

Motorcycling becomes a higher-risk activity in Connecticut’s winter months. Motorcyclists face unique challenges and accident risks due to dangerous weather conditions such as snow and ice. If you wish to take your motorcycle out in cold weather, use these tips to keep yourself safe and accident-free.

Inspect Your Motorcycle 

Motorcycles do not operate the same way in cold weather as they do in warmer temperatures.

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